The Sound of Hope: Audiobooks

Will Hahn Narration

Will serves as narrator to the Tales of Hope, beginning with the Shards of Light series below. You can find and audition him for narration projects at ACX/Audible, Findaway Voices and

Here’s a sample from the finale to Shards of Light, called “Feldspar Must Decide”. The intrepid young Stealthic has just knocked an enemy unconscious, and now his two main personae, Feldspar and his normal alter-ego Jonn Simith, argue about what to do next.

The Shards of Light series

The Ring and the Flag

Newly graduated imperial officer Justin is convinced he has no future, and hearing the details of the secret mission he’s assigned for the emperor won’t change his mind. Civil war threatens the North Mark. Justin must race against time to form a company and lead his men into the center of the web; but what happens when his loyalty to the empire means the death of those who follow him?

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Fencing Reputation

When the lords, preachers, and merchants of Cryssigens need wrongs righted without clues, they look for the stealthic Feldspar to solve their problems. But the legend without a face is hard to find, and when Feldspar takes a commission from the most famous, and beautiful, priestess in the city, he finds problems of his own piling up, and is forced to choose between hope and safety.

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Perilous Embraces

W’starrah Altieri can see the future, ranks high in her church, and is without question the most beautiful woman in the North Mark. But the prophecy she knows to be true will either break her heart, destroy her home, or end her life.

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Shards of Light

When unknown conspirators launch their deadly schemes to overset the city of Cryssigens and trigger civil war, hope rests on a trio of heroes, none of which fully understands the depth and speed of the approaching menace.

In 2002 ADR, the jewel of the southern empire is the city of Cryssigens, where life is an unending carnival of display, while intrigue brews beneath the surface. Nobles, guilds, and House Cups scheme with and against each other, even in the best of times. But civil war stripped the city of its Overlord, and now factions emerge to dare all in a bid to succeed to the throne.

Captain Justin seeks to win political favor in Tralmachia and return in time to tip the balance. But will the brave officer instead find doom for himself and his loyal men in the haunted hills ruled by the Baron of Blood?

Feldspar the Stealthic threads through ancient streets and tunnels, past enemies villainous and monstrous, to locate a fabled artifact in the heart of abandoned Old Cryss. Peril only makes him smile: But how can he choose which of his many faces to honor when the danger bears down on those he loves?

Preacher W’starrah Altieri, who loved the captain and hired the Stealthic, sees too late the shape of the conspiracy threatening her city, her family. Will her unknown allies ever meet, now that she is helpless to halt the release of the Shard Demon?

As darkness and murder clutch Cryssigens by the throat, the flames of destruction reveal–Shards of Light.

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The Legionnaire series (by Gilbert M. Stack)

The Fire Islands

Lesser Tribune Marcus Venandus, Legion officer exemplar, was exiled to the disease-ridden hell hole known as the Fire Islands as punishment for the failed political machinations of his father. While the days of the powerful witchdoctor kings throwing skeletal armies against the shields of the legion have faded into history, all is not right at the edge of the world. Unrest is boiling once again as long dead darkness seeps back into the islands. With the legion more concerned with its personal rivalries than with its duty, it will fall to Marcus and his small, highly disciplined, command to put the horrors of the past back in their graves and literally save Aquila from a fate worse than death.


The Sea of Grass 

Forbidden from returning to Aquila, Marcus Venandus responds to a plea from a half-brother he has never met to aid him in the far away land called the Jeweled Hills. When pirates shut down the sea routes the legion officer and his two trusted companions are forced to join a caravan to make the slower journey north across the treacherous Sea of Grass. Yet this may not prove to be the safer choice. A mysterious shaman has sworn to drench the plains in the blood of foreigners and his mastery over storms gives him the teeth to fulfill his oath. As chaos envelopes the trail, it will fall to Marcus to organize the defense and try to shepherd the frightened civilians of the caravan to safety again.



The Fantastica Series (by M.R. Mathias)

Taerak’s Void

After finding a strange medallion and some maps with markings that no one in his village can understand, Braxton Bray decides to take it all to the Hall of Scholars in the kingdom’s capital. But greed is everywhere. Braxton and a tough young female caravan guard named Nixy are forced to run for their lives, for someone else wants what Braxton found and is willing to go to great lengths to take it from him.

With a hefty, kingdom wide, bounty on their heads, not even the great wizards of the Sorcerious can help them. Left with nothing but each other, Braxton and Nixy have no choice but to get on a ship and go on an adventure that will take them places they would have otherwise never imagined. Elves, dwarves, giant gothicans, and trolls, treacherous forests on distant shores, love, death, terror, and magic all await anyone brave enough to go along.