What is it About New Books?

Almost everything about my chronicling work has been truly fun and rewarding. But this has to be one of the top three: when you’ve ordered another box of books and they come in. It’s a Christmas you make for yourself.

Based on sales in 2016 I had enough to order more copies of previous titles, including the long-awaited new covers for the first two tales in the Shards of Light series.

Why, whatever could this be?

I had to wait a few days after the books came in, for my in-house model to schedule me in for a shoot. Then we got to work.

Tough… to cut… the tape








Then, of course, it was just glorious. Here, have a few thousand words each.

Why, it’s BOOKS! MY books, in fact. I wrote these.
The money shot. “Ooh, look it’s a bat!” A bat, seriously Genna? Stick to music!

















Do these books make my career look fat?








And of course, the true destiny of any good box. Cat playground.













So now I’m stocked for the fairs and library talks ahead, and personally I cannot wait. There’s a real sense of accomplishment, having multiple titles, being able to match a tale to the request of the readers I meet. For now, the new cover for The Ring and the Flag is available on the Zon, with Fencing Reputation to follow very soon. You saw it here first!

May 6th at Bear Library Author Meet & Greet

August 19th at Dover ComicCon

November 4th at the Hockessin Art & Book Fair