Scrooge played by William L. Hahn

Welcome to the Lands

A Word if You Are New Here

This is my site for information about the fantasy world known as the LoH_kg_2_map A5Lands of Hope. I have the usual bio and buy pages, also Maps and a free Compendium of lore, plus a cool notification feature if you want to see posts in your email box. Sign up for that and you get two quick Tales for free. Because no one should have to wait for a little Hope.

In addition, I have been writing on three major themes here (aside from book announcements and publication notes):

Classics You’ve Never Read-

These longer posts are intended for enthusiastic readers and all fellow authors, Perseus-Medusaand will catch you up on what happened in that great work you only saw on TV, including some of how it changed over time or media, and my opinion about a major theme of the writing that might inspire you.

It Figures-

A shorter, more tongue-in-cheek series where I take the maxim “show, don’t tell” PetE-closeto its logical conclusion. I’ve seen an entire world in the Lands, and display visual evidence of the revelations I’ve had about it. Me crazy? You decide.

State of the Lands-

My newest series examines themes that are common both to the Lands and the LW4Alleged Real World, exploring how they’re the same or different. I think you’d be surprised.


I welcome your feedback at any time, and invite you to experience Hope in the Lands that you can carry with you back here. As they say in the Lands, Ar Aralte! (Hope Forever)