Three Minutes to Midnight FREE on Amazon!

TMM-croppedNo fuss, and no lie. From July 1st to the 5th my sword and sorcery novelette introducing the Lands of Hope is available free on Amazon. I’m hoping everyone will go and download a copy, because it boosts visibility for my other tales, and because it’s a super-quick shot of Hope flavored with suspense and dark romance. Try it!

Never call Trekelny a thief, he’s the greatest stealthic since Astor himself. It’s true, just ask him. He won’t end the night a coin richer, instead exchanging mortal risk for a hero’s reputation. But on this night, he won’t succeed to live in song, or even survive, without the help of a woman who hates him above all others. If he is to despoil her temple, he must also take her love with him.

Think you already have a copy? Download it again, no one minds! And if you read the tale and liked it, by all means please leave a review, that’s another part of my dastardly scheme. Stay tuned for the day this sale ends, I’ll unveil my master plot to spread Hope around the Alleged Real World, with your help!

Three Minutes to Midnight free until July 5th!