The “Judgement’s Tale” Full Book is Now Available

An Immensely Rewarding Journey Ends for Me…

I first saw Solemn Judgement staring at me nearly thirty-five years ago. I gaped at him, then shied away– sometimes I even fled. But I came back to watch some more, and almost immediately, I took notes. I’ve never been completely comfortable around him– he’s like some reclusive athlete or a veteran of war, hardly speaks and daring you to. But fortunately for Solemn, he never taught me his love of few words: mind you, he can rip off a great speech when he’s roused, but Judgement’s the last person to tell you his own story.

JT-full-1He left that to me. And I tried not to, but eventually gave in. The box arrived today from my publisher (aka writing soulmate, aka publishing mentor, aka digital bestie). It was heavy to haul inside: I left it on the floor for half an hour, tried to return to work. Eventually gave in.

… But Begins for You!

Judgement’s Tale has been available in e-book form for nearly a year, if you start at the beginning and are a slow reader. A while back I showed you the hard cover,JT-full-2 a mammoth copy just for me that I swore never to put down (and let me tell you, typing and eating with one hand has been a trial). Now, at last, the full-length trade paperback version of the story is available. I just love how this form factor feels in the hand. Not that I have a hand to spare, so I used a local model.

JT-full-GennaIf you’d like your own paper-physical, actual-factual, Alleged Real World version of the tale, contact me with your email address and I’ll send you the details including postage cost. I’ll gladly autograph it to anyone you like. If you’re in a tearing rush, the way Solemn Judgement never is, it’s available on Amazon right now this instant.

There’s more of Judgement’s tale to tell, and I’m steadily (though not quickly) at work on that. I hope you’ll take a look at this story, in whatever format you prefer, because I think you’ll find it engaging. And when I say that, it’s nothing about me, it’s him. Once you get started, you eventually give in.

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