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Clash of Wills is now Available

Created with Nokia RefocusThe fourth volume of the epic fantasy Judgement’s Tale is now published as an e-book. This is the climax for both Solemn Judgement and Treaman, far apart and unaware they face the same foes, each one with a hand on the wheels of destiny. You also see other characters shine, as Renan reaches his new home, Alaetar displays some of his miraculous power, and Cedrith finds ample time to regret his rash decision to accompany the adventurers.

And if you like these marvelous folk I have good news. The tale continuesCreated with Nokia Refocus (for those who survive) later this year  in The Eye of Kog. Thanks to everyone who has lent their support and put such kind words out about the Lands of Hope. I am eager to hear your feedback about Clash of Wills.

And if you’re just discovering the Lands of Hope for the first time, the beginning of this epic tale Games of Chance is available for only 99 cents.

Clash of Wills

LoHI_JT_CoW_webAs the heavenly portents align, a mystic portal to the Hopeward opens again, letting a few goodly souls enter the prison where a comrade was marooned and evil beyond measure has laid a trap. For the heroes, it is not enough to uncover danger—wit and skill can carry them to its presence, but resolve and sacrifice are needed to defeat it. If it can be defeated. The challenge is often to choose one wrong over another, to accept the consequences when only the one prize most dear can be saved.

Treaman and his adventuring party discover just how quickly fame and fortune evaporate, once back in the clutches of the Percentalion; three miserable refugees of that chaos-cursed land will die unless the star-gazing preacher Alaetar can beat back the monsters at their heels.

And Solemn Judgement, the Man in Grey, faces an undead thane of ancient times; he must decide whether the only friends he has ever found will live, or if the Lands will again suffer the curse of Despair when facing the… Clash of Wills

Reunion of Souls Available for Pre-Order

LoHI_JT_RoS_cover_bigThe saga of Solemn Judgement continues with the third installment of Judgement’s Tale, entitled Reunion of Souls. I’m excited to announce it is slated for release on December 26th, and available for preorder now on Amazon.

The feedback I’ve received on the first two installments made me as happy as I’ve been at any time since beginning to chronicle. Folks have said very nice things about the large cast, the details I’ve witnessed for them, the way the events are developing. This is what I hoped for, like any author but especially for my genre, because you need to get plot and character down before you can approach what I called the third level of writing, namely theme.

With epic fantasy, of course, you spend a good deal of time setting the table; telling how Judgement was nearly the first man arrested in the city of Conar in four thousand years,Created with Nokia Refocus and how Treaman spent half his time fighting for his life, against hexavores, warnets and a dragon. Plus I had to introduce the many supporting characters, line up the kingdoms, the history, sneak in some hero-names, a little astrology, magic, law and culture… it adds up! Imagine, a liche centuries old who plans to take over the world, and I haven’t even checked in on him since chapter 2! With epic fantasy, after all, you’re setting up an entire world; if the job’s done right, you’ve read a ton of details but you’re hanging on, because you trust me that it’s going to mean something.

With Reunion of Souls, I think the meaning starts to come through.

You’ll see more than just what happens now– sure, there’s still stuff going on, but between a visit to the theater, the fight with a garruk warband, one young knight who Created with Nokia Refocusstays in church and the other who leaves home and country behind, after a negotiation goes awry and a tea-party falls quite to pieces– amidst all this and more, you begin to find things out. Why Natasha Ioki has been so mysterious about her past, what the code of chivalry means to Prince Gareth, how Cedrith maintains his balance, and at long last, a  window into what makes Solemn Judgement tick. In fact, this installment opens with the only time, in all the tales of Hope I’ve chronicled to date, I dared to take a small peek inside Judgement’s mind:

Most men’s nightmares are the stuff of gross exaggeration. For Judgement, it is a matter of remembering, precisely and exactly, what happened when his father died.

– Reunion of Souls

Created with Nokia RefocusSo things are hotting up as they say across the pond, and if you’ve enjoyed Games of Chance and Strength of Conviction, I believe you will start to see some real payoff now that the tale reaches third gear. You can even hear about another glimpse of Wolga Vrule, Created with Nokia Refocusthe lord of undeath (be careful, the man who saw him goes insane).

Check out the tales now, and if you haven’t already take my advice- read them in order!

Reunion of Souls on Amazon

And don’t forget the cool Rafflecopter contest starting December 8th. For the first time in history, we’ll be giving away two bound copies of the combined first two installments of Judgement’s Tale, signed and shipped to the winners IN PAPER! Plus e-books, a-book combos and more. Spread the word to your epic-reading friends.

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