Reunion of Souls is on Tour

Starting December 8th and running up pretty darn close to Christmas I’ll be running a tidy little tour of some terrific indie authors with little bits and blurbs about the next installment of Judgement’s Tale, Reunion of Souls.

You can preorder it now on Amazon.

And if you are new to the series, today is your lucky day. Part One, Games of Chance is now available for just 99 cents. So for less than five bucks you could introduce your poker table or bowling team to this saga and let them know there are two more books in front of it. {The fourth installment Clash of Wills is due near the end of March 2015} Now there’s a stocking-stuffer with some Hope in it!

I shall list the tour sites and install the links to each host’s name as they come live. You can see interviews, advance excerpts from the book and posts about life in the Lands of Hope. And the rafflecopter prizes are beyond compare- starting with two copies of the first two chapters of Judgement’s Tale in… I can hardly believe it… PAPER!! I’ll sign and send the copies anywhere, and again a fabulous gift because they are guaranteed to appreciate in value. Mainly because they start out free and I will gladly buy them back in ten years if I haven’t become famous.

Reunion of Souls Tour Stops

Monday December 8thKarin Rita Gastreich, Author Interview (with graphs!)

Tuesday December 9th- Jamie Marchant, Excerpt on Renan Altrindur

Friday December 12th- Susan Stuckey, on the Nobles’ Job

Saturday December 13th- Matthew Reuther, on Artefacts

Tuesday December 16thKatharina Gerlach, on Unusual Narrators

Wednesday December 17th- Jenni Wiltz, Author Interview (knights n’ tiaras, natch)

Friday December 19th- Heidi Burke, Focus on Anteris of Trainertown

So follow the tour from this page and be sure to enter the contest for prizes of Hope. Thanks to everyone for your support of my chronicling vocation!

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4 thoughts on “Reunion of Souls is on Tour

  1. The reduced price for “Games of Chance” hasn’t come through yet. It might take another 12-24 hrs. Sometimes Amazon is so slow. 😉
    Also, my publisher is working on getting “Games of Chance” onto Smashwords. She ran into a couple of problems that should soon be sorted out.

  2. I like the money back guarantee. 10 years? Thinking I’ll have to put that on my calendar.

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