Reunion of Souls is Now on Sale

As if you didn’t know with me crowing from the rooftops all winter. The third installment of Judgement’s Tale is now available on Amazon. If you were waiting to continue the epic, no day like today. If you haven’t yet begun the saga, not to worry: part one, Games of Chance is only 99 cents.

My thanks once again to all the gracious hosts of the blog tour (whose topics and sites you can review here). I will close the Rafflecopter contest at the end of December 26th 2014 and notify the winners via email. And unless you choose the join the mailing list (or become a pen-pal), that will be my only use of your information.

A very Merry Christmas season to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Reunion of Souls is Now on Sale

  1. Received the copy Judgement’s Tale Volume One & Two. Started reading it and so far it has captured my interest. Thanks.

    1. Great news Mil! Glad the mails got you the paper copy, and hope you continue to like the tale.

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