Crow Country Now Available

My big summer ’22 project is now available as of October 9th 2022 (a meaningful date in the tale itself). The reviews have been stellar, and the publisher is “going wide” so it’s available in many retail outlets.

In May 2023, Crow Country was honored with a Gold Award for best fiction audiobook by Independent Publisher (the IPPY Awards).

“The print version of Crow Country represents a powerful study in survival and wonder; but an audiobook’s strength rests on its narrator. In this, Crow Country also shines, powered by a reader whose clear and dramatic voice does justice to the power of the written word by bringing it alive.”
D. Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services

Here’s the sample: Crow Country is available in all formats. Sure, I prefer the audiobook! But I read it first and it’s one of the most impressive pieces of dystopian action I’ve ever encountered.

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2 thoughts on “Crow Country Now Available

  1. I like the sound of this story, but I wonder if I could pick your brains about the audiobook and how it’s produced? I have video editing software that I use to create Youtube videos, and that includes narration, but I don’t know how the professionals do it [the narration]. Do you have to go in to a special studio or something?

    1. Hello! Apologies right off because I never got the notification of this comment. I hope you’ve found success in your search for good audiobook narration and would be very happy to discuss my method if you still have questions.

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