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IPPY Gold Award for “Crow Country” Audiobook

I’m thrilled to announce that my recent project, Emily Sullivan’s gritty dystopian adventure Crow Country, has been recognized with a 2023 Gold Award for Best Fiction Audiobook by Independent Publisher.

How Did That Happen!

It’s been some time since I learned the good news from Ms. Sullivan’s publisher, and I still feel a sense of unreality about this. I think everyone enjoys recognition; several years back after being laid off, I made a decision to aim for work that I loved doing, and then see if I could make ends meet with that. If I get a three-line thank you note from a student at the end of a long school year, I honestly get all teary.

Narration is also hard work, but I hardly notice. The challenge of crafting another author’s tale into audio form is something, much like teaching History, that I feel practically born to. This project was probably the most extensive: more than ten hours, tough character distinctions, and very precise feedback from the rights holders who continually asked about this FX, that voice. Tiny changes to volume and pace, I went back over some chapters eight times for that last little fix.

I think it shows. You be the judge, here’s the sample.

What, Pray Tell, Is an IPPY?

Independent Publisher recognizes quality work from indy authors, including small publishing houses that issue fewer than a hundred titles a year. They have received thousands of entries each year since 1996.

When the publisher told me she was putting the book in for an award, I figured it would be one of those electron-microscope categories such as you see on Amazon: I hoped to be recognized for Best in Near Future Dystopian Fiction Featuring Guns and Aggressive Avians. Or something. But in audiobooks, the IPPY awards go only to Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Check it Out Yourself

Crow Country is available in all formats. Sure, I prefer the audiobook! But I read it first; it’s one of the most impressive pieces of dystopian action I’ve ever encountered. I was immediately drawn to the power of Ms. Sullivan’s writing, and of course I’m a sucker for driven, wounded characters. The closest I’ve seen in other media would be the movie Cowboys and Aliens–how’s that for a comp!


“The print version of Crow Country represents a powerful study in survival and wonder; but an audiobook’s strength rests on its narrator. In this, Crow Country also shines, powered by a reader whose clear and dramatic voice does justice to the power of the written word by bringing it alive.”
D. Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services

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Spotify Promotion! A Month of Infamy-to-Senility

I distribute my audiobooks via Findaway Voices— the “wide” option. They are always adding new retail outlets to their stable. I never see a reason to say “no”, I just click OK and watch for the returns. Somewhere along the way, the company I always associated with music– OK, with Taylor Swift– signed on. I was yesterday-years-old before I realized this.

But even better, Findaway makes it EASY to promote my tales now.

New Promotion for the Shards of Light series

If you haven’t picked up the first book in my Shards of Light tales yet, I’m running a special promotion on The Ring and the Flag (book 1) as well as Fencing Reputation (book 2). Spotify sets the final price but I’ve tagged it for a deep discount starting tomorrow and running for the next month.

The dates are central to my theme, Infamy to Senility. December 8th is the day FDR actually used an SAT word to call for America to go to war (fabulous History trivia- on December 8th, my home state of Vermont also voted to recognize a state of war, in complete violation of the Constitution. The next day, Congress followed suit, but for a few hours it was just us against the Japanese Empire). And January 7th when the sale ends it will be my birthday; I think that explains the second half of the title.

Audiobooks at a Great Price

Semi-seriously, if you enjoy fantasy, storytelling audiobooks, need a great Christmas gift item, or just want to make me happy (and honestly, doesn’t that cover everyone?), these titles would fit the bill. If you’re on Spotify already, how can you NOT check one or both of these tales out? If you have an answer to that question, don’t tell me.

Have a wondrous holiday season!

The Ring and the Flag on Spotify
Fencing Reputation on Spotify