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Master of Music

Long-Awaited Release

The most involved and ambitious audiobook project of 2023 for me is finally hitting the digital shelves. I can’t wait for you to sample the Bardic Isles Book 1, Master of Music.

Marla Himeda has composed (and I mean that quite literally) such an original story–fantasy without swords or dragons or races–yet there is strong conflict within the major characters. There are elements of mystery, suspense, and humor (as with any good fantasy) in a tale for anyone from 6 to 96. The tone is much like Taran Wanderer by Lloyd Alexander, but the author deals with adults, their thoughts and worries just as deeply and capably as the protagonist who’s barely a teen. A mentor and his student, learning about maturity as much as music.

All this goes to a fine fantasy book, and that’s… fine. But the music.

You Heard Me. Music!

Here is a book actually-factually stuffed with music. Musicians are the main characters. The magic in the world comes from music. There are flowing, wonderful descriptions of flutes, pipes, harps, trios and ensembles including voices. And, see, there’s music too. You can hear it.

Because Marla Himeda, as we were working on the project, decided she would compose it all.

She worked instruments and voices into the descriptions she had previously written, in a seamless match between what I read aloud and what you can hear alongside it. It’s truly a unique listening experience. We went over portions of this word by word and beat by beat, syncing to the eighth-note and to every decibel of volume.

I have had the privilege to work on scores of books in my narration career, for dozens of authors besides myself. This has to rank as one of the most memorable, and I think enjoyable pieces yet. Very few projects I’ve worked on come up to this level. Hard to say for sure, but maybe none of them.

If you’re looking for hours of entertainment, strictly at 1.0x speed, I would recommend Master of Music. The author has gone “wide” and it’s available at all the major outlets, below are just a few. I am honored to have been asked (therein hangs another tale!) and I look forward eagerly to the sequel, as much as a reader as narrator.

Try the Sample, you won’t regret it.

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Mirkwood, New Audiobook Title Now Available

After penning his masterpiece, Tolkien lived on.

But so did Middle Earth.

This is probably the most sophisticated tale I’ve told to date.

No question, it’s the most overdue!

Mirkwood is the story told by Steve Hillard that spans the current day, earlier decades, and both the Alleged Real World and the Fourth Age of Middle Earth! I got to pull out all the stops setting the scene between two realms, shifting between foul sorcery and the more subtly sinister spells of the modern city.

And it’s a tale that features a female protagonist, strong and getting stronger. In fact, two of them, one in each world.

I was privileged to work on this project for Steve Hillard about a year ago, and my labors were wrapped up before midsummer. Because of the long-rumored advent of a new streaming series set in Middle Earth, he wanted to wait and “catch the wave”. Conditions can never be certain these days but all the rumors seem to agree on “soon”, so now is the time.

I hope you will enjoy this world-spanning epic tale.

Mirkwood is available on Audible now.

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