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The Heroes of Hope


The three leading heroes of Hope are CONAR the Lawgiver (Hopelord of Men), MA-ELDAR (Hopelord of Elves) and ARALUNTIR (Hopelord of Wizards). This trio led the kingdoms of Hope from the first landing thousands of years ago until shortly after the Dagnor Rokan, when they disappeared. All heroes of Hope from the earliest ages were vassals to one of the Hopelords.


The City Brothers, described elsewhere in this compendium, are the four sons of Conar who broke away from the other heroes to found a great city in fulfillment of their destiny. In order of age, they are EKO-TELH the Light-Brother, EKHONON the Arbiter, KHOIRAH Snake-Speaker (also known as the Betrayer) and Telhol the Healer (the only hero of the earliest age to be born in the Lands after Hope’s arrival).


Human- Adventure and Fidelity

The wife of Ekhonon, member of the City Brothers group. Popular with adventurous women, but also with faithful wives and husbands. Respected in matters of adjudication and fortification defence. Mortal emnity with Gelissar.


Halfing- Woodcraft, Kindness and Fairplay

Created by Conar to lead his people in defence of woods and forests. Popular with all Halflings, and Woodsmen or some in settled areas who favor moderation. Plays very little part in the legends of war, but is known to be quite puissant with the sling and spear.


Unknown- Magic, the Unknown, the Heavens

Perhaps the source of all goodly magic, or magical energy, certainly the most skilled lore-keeper of magic in the history of the Lands. Boundless intelligence, and a cross-racial ecumenical symbol of the good that can be performed by Hope through discipline and skill. Popular with all mages, many royalty and diplomats, or those in position of power.


Human- Demonstalker, Undead Bane, Order

Vassal of Araluntir, first king of the Percentalion, the keeper of order in a tortured kingdom. Popular with inhabitants of the central kingdoms, martial wizards, and those who fight the undead or truck with demons.


Elf- The Flame, The First, the Manifold

Established the Southern Empire, achieved greatness in many areas. Worshipped under many surnames, each of which claims complete validity but bears the status of a cult hero.

Argens Hopeforger: Exploration & Leadership, Orthodoxy

Argens Demonbender: Arcane Knowledge, Defeat of Demons

Argens Stargazer: Divination, Fertility and Masculinity

Others too numerous to list


Human- Danger, Indirection, the Individual, Luck

Informal vassal of Conar, impossibly skilled in all pursuits of danger. Surnamed Danger-Drunken, Perilsgroom, Luckwarden, Michief’s Hand, Heart of Courage. Popular with all who must live under conditions of stress or by their wits. Stealthics follow Astor, and are sought by armies as scouts, kings as security officers, and adventuring parties as general risk-takers.


Man- Ruling, The Grand Design

Perhaps the greatest Hero, acknowledged leader and ruler of the northern kingdoms. Racial Hero for Men, popular with all who follow the Law, cleave to Hope, or who are charged with responsibility.

Dagnaluviran (and Elosira)

Man-Elf- Cult Hero-Heroine “The Hope That Fights For Love”

Pair of fabled noble lovers, conquered many obstacles during their life together. Popular with civilized elites and nobles, those who admire the courtly and chivalrous ethic, and dragonfighters.


Human- Adjudication, Forethought, the Balance

Middle of the City Brothers, cautious and neutral, the husband of Aballe. Also known for superior architecture; a silent figure. Popular with tradesmen and judges.


Human- Building and Art, Grand Designs,

Eldest of the City Brothers, known for establishing the fabled City of the Heroes. Headstrong and bright, the epitome of Elven nobility, the Light Brother embodies the ethic which prefers failure to dishonor. Popular with knights and royalty, pious warriors and commanders, especially in Argens.


Human- Nature

Friend of the earth, hero of the nature-bound. Embodies the belief that Nature, properly cleansed of Despairing influence, would be a force for Hope. Rumored to be gleefully polygamous, and to have had power over the weather.


Elf- Ruling, Beauty, The Moment of Sacrifice

Quietest and most elegant of the Hopelords, though terrible in battle for a righteous cause. Ma-Eldar was thought to have the greatest foresight in matters of life and its energy. Popular with those who pursue sophistication, rulers and craftsmen who create works of great beauty, and of course with all Elves.


Dwarf- Craft, Building, Giantbane

Created by Ma-Eldar as a shield to the beauty of Hope, Mickhel happily took on the drudgery and danger of making a home in the Swords of Stone to ward the Lands. Hater of Garruk, lover of well-crafted metal and stone, and a fierce warrior.


Human- Cult Hero, Exploration, the Northlands

Not one of the original generation, founder of the Novar colony under Conarian hegemony two centuries before the current time. Brave and forthright, he embodied the belief that even the hostile outer reaches of the Lands should be brought under the influence of Hopeful culture. Popular with all who live in that colony, and anyone who explores far regions or faces great hardship.


Human- Knowledge, Performance

Advisor and confidant to all the Hopelords, Rallantan was known both as a matchless musician and a tireless gatherer of knowledge (“Knowledge is Power”, the credo of Bards). Knowledge of lore in all imaginable areas, and occasionally demonstrating incredible powers in the annals. Popular with all who study and all who perform.


Human- Navigation, the Sea

Commander of the Hope Fleet, the Westwatcher and Sea-born (or borne). Eventually he set sail back into the West, at or around the time of the Dagnor Rokan, and he figures in no stories after that time. Those who sail, fish, or explore far on the water report his presence from prayer, however.


Elf- Cult Hero, The Dance, Love and Delight

A recent figure in Southlands history, Selutre was a kindly performer and friend to the peasant peoples. Killed by a vengeful noble for his egalitarian gestures, his manifestations are infrequent and still unproven.


Human- Astrology, Chivalry, Dragonbane

Vassal of Conar, Ward of the easternmost kingdom of Hope, and the epitome of northern chivalry, Shilar was also very skilled(with his wife’s line of queens) in astral divination and power. Popular with all in his kingdom, knights and preachers, and those who fight beasts such as dragons who threaten the well-being of all.


Human- Cult Hero, Healing and Peace, Sacrifice

Considered by most a Cult Hero despite his age, Telhol is associated with the City Brothers (usually described as one of them, without certainty). Telhol was the first hero to be born in the Lands themselves, just days after the first landing. His way was so different that many found it difficult to accept, though the vast majority then as now accorded him and his followers immense respect. The ethos of those who follow Telhol is simply that nothing is worth the furtherance or toleration of violence, even the loss of one’s life. Healing others, even enemies, and urging peaceful solutions are the highest good to those who follow this Hero. Worshipped by relatively few (due to the dedication required), Telhol is of course popular on a lesser level with almost all inhabitants of the Lands.

The Anti-Heroes of Despair

according to fragments of ancient lore


Human- Lust and Faithlessness, Cruelheart

Temptress of Khoirah and symbolic of heartless polyandry and sadistic pleasures, the sworn foe of Aballe. Consort of most on this list, with numerous monstrous offspring. Knowledgeable in matters of charm and the dominance of the will.


Garruk- Ferocity, Survival

Worshipped by all non-human followers of Despair for his relentless energy in conquest and destruction. The sworn foe of Mickhel; known for the ability to make do with the scraps of life and power.


Human- Prophecy, Darkness, the Betrayer

Often included with the Anti-Heroes, Khoirah is technically in the ranks of Hope (and some, including Telholians, insist it should remain so). But his association with Despair goes too far and too deep to be ignored, culminating with his betrayal at the Dagnor Rokan. Steeped in lore from the depths of the earth, and knowledgeable in oracular visions; popular with any who seek to conceal the truth, or who seek forbidden knowledge.


Elf- Subtle Schemes, Undying Evil

The Liege of evil Elves and Bane of Ma-Eldar figures only dimly in the better known legends, as his schemes are laid for the long term and are seldom obvious in authorship when they come to fruition. Mauglor is the Dragonspeaker, and communicates with all manner of ancient, sentient beings.


Man- Tyranny

Perhaps the overall commander of Despair, and Liege of Despairing Humans. The Master of Slaves, Kun brought the power and destructiveness of the foul Makine and Automatoi to the Lands. His followers include those who hold slaves, rule, or command in war.


Unknown- Beastlord, Chaos and Depravity

Perhaps the creation of Kun (a first attempt which later resulted in Harruk’n), Mog gathered all the rejected races and creations of Despair under his banner. His worship is marked not only by evil, but the loss of all sense and intelligence. His particular foe is Helmon whose view of nature is directly opposite his own.


Unknown- Magic, the Earth Below

Perhaps the most powerful, yet least openly courageous of the Lieges, Pelundrag is the bane of Araluntir and all goodly wizards. He is a Demonfriend and open ally of the Hellbeings from distant lower planes. He it is who wrought the magic which tore wide the Great Cleft, and this is hinted to have been part of his quest for the Great Secret, a lore which would unseat all law and sanity in the cosmos. He has evidently been unsuccessful, so far.


Reptile Man- Strength, the Low Places

Sometimes confused as a surname for Mog, S’tlithgar was created as another threat to the Lands, with his people. In many respects similar to Harruk’n, but less in contact with the history and lore of the humanoid peoples; there is a strain of resentment at the place accorded the Reptile Man in stories of Despair.


Human- Fortification

Vassal of Mauglor and his Master Builder. Prominent in stories of sieges from the Second Age; also knowledgeable about Makine.

Wolga Vrule

Human- The Choice of Undeath

Vassal of Mauglor, Vrule became fascinated with death and the after-life, exploring more deeply than any being into this area. He was the one who unlocked the secret of raising dead bodies (or their spirits) shortly after the arrival of Hope in the Lands. He also appears responsible for various half-living beings and mutations of normal life. Legends seem to indicate that he was taken prisoner by Areghel in an early battle, but then he is lost to history.

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