The Reverence of Heroes

The philosophy and history of the Lands is predicated on a complete lack of “gods”- the word exists but connotes an unspeakable insult, as that which is worshipped without being admirable. Even demons and dragons are not guilty of this pretence. The Heroes, and Anti-Heroes, led by the three Lords and Lieges respectively, share the quality of having been born, of having walked the earth as their followers do. Their lives were exemplary, and inspired some among their descendants to emulation. When a child of Hope called upon a hero, stories tell, they sometimes responded and gave guidance or assistance. In rare cases, according to the legends of centuries ago, heroes and heroines have even appeared in enormous, shimmering form to work miracles. This is keenly disputed by some skeptics, but most children of Hope believe that the Heroes listen and help, though perhaps rarely and indirectly. How these beings underwent apotheosis and are now able to respond to prayer is unclear. Without question the ancients knew more, lived much longer and had uncanny foresight about natural and man-made events. But all inhabitants of Hope understand the difference between admiration and worship.

Here follows a list of the well-known Heroes of Hope and Anti-Heroes of Despair.In other sections of the Compendium you can find information on The Reverence of Heroes, as well as a special section on the City Brothers, a set of heroes that are important to the story “Three Minutes to Midnight”. Here you can find the heroes of Hope grouped by their importance, then an alphabetical listing for reference. The same order is followed for the Anti-Heroes of Despair. Acknowledged heroes and heroines are denominated in capital letters, cult heroes or those from later ages in title case.

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