Compendium of the Lands of Hope

The Lands of Hope SM


A Reader’s Resource

By Wm. L. Hahn

A Word from the Chronicler

Welcome to the Lands.

This world is huge, ancient, populated by strange races and creatures, filled with adventure and mystery. The people call these kingdoms west of the mountains the Lands of Hope- but Despair settled here first, and it’s never completely gone. I have chronicled what I can, and will continue to write in the time I have left, in hopes that you will find it interesting. And I use the word “chronicler” quite deliberately.

The easiest thing for me to do would be admit, right up front before you get confused, that the Lands of Hope do not really exist.

But I can’t do that with a straight face.

I have written about the Lands in one way or another for more than thirty years. I’ve drawn maps and read ancient tomes, culled some of the elements of magic and studied the stars that hang in the sky there. I have figurines and costumes and props I’ve made myself, to represent things I have seen. I’ve put half my life into that world, and never regretted a moment of the effort. But I am not the creator of the Lands of Hope. I’m not. I’d love to take the credit, but my imagination is simply not powerful enough to create such a world.

I just… watch what happens there. Sometimes I swear I can hear them- chatting in the marketplace, singing in church, bantering by the bar, and whispering their plans in dark caverns or long-buried chambers. I always find if I listen long enough, watch closely, then the stories simply appear.

Laugh if you like. I have witnesses.

Yes, there are others who have watched the Lands with me- you might even say they lived there. They were with me at some of the crucial points in the history of the Lands… just ignore those dice on the table there… and you never know, as you read about the Lands’ heroes and heroines, just how real some of them are. And by the way, when you meet folks in this “real” world, you never know what alternate lives they lead!

If you’ve read some of the stories, I thank you. And you should know this- you’ve become a part of the Lands. Now you’re a witness too. Let me hear from you- what you liked, where you were confused, what you’d still like to know.

And let me know what you see, as you watch.


This Compendium is organized into chapters for easy reference. You can read it start to finish if you want, but it’s really designed to help you understand more about certain subjects; a reference for you the reader. This version will be linked, so if you look at the Table of Contents you’ll be able to see what section you want to jump to and just click on it.

I will continually add new information to the Compendium as I have time, so check back from time to time. If you have, then welcome back.

Introduction: Geography and Demography

The Races of Hope

Astrology and Cosmology of the Hopelands

The Empire of Argens

Brief History of the Lands

The Maps of Hope

The Reverence of Heroes


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