Shards of Light Bundle

bei Amazon

620 pages
first published November 2019
Heroic Fantasy Series Bundle


About the Book

When unknown conspirators launch their deadly schemes to overset the city of Cryssigens and trigger civil war, Hope rests on a trio of heroes, none of which fully understands the depth and speed of the approaching menace.

Newly-graduated imperial officer Justin is convinced he has no future, and hearing the details of the secret mission he’s assigned for the Emperor won’t change his mind.

The Stealthic Feldspar hides behind a thousand masks, but just when his city needs him the most, he could lose himself in the most potent disguise he’s ever tried: none!

W’starrah Altieri can see the future, ranks high in her church, and is without question the most beautiful woman in the North Mark. But the prophecy she knows to be true will either break her heart, destroy her home, or end her life.

As darkness and murder clutch Cryssigens by the throat, the flames of destruction reveal… Shards of Light.

This bundle contains all the material from its four component titles:“The Ring and the Flag”, “Fencing Reputation”, “Perilous Embraces”, and “Shards of Light”.