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I hereby pledge that I will only contact you for new releases, special offers, and the occasional rant about the Lands of Hope. And you’ll get the free eBook “Two Tales” as a little thank you gift too.

In Khoirah’s Gift, the great heroes of two thousand years ago struggle to deal with the crime of Khoirah the Betrayer and discover that sometimes the return of the light is aided by the heart’s unforced will.
In The Knighting of Sir Percis, the generation living some four hundred years ago find that the ancient code of chivalry is seldom an easy path, and never completely settled, but following Hope is always the right choice.
Finally, I’m pleased to give you a sample from The Ring and the Flag, as a young modern hero Captain Justin finds that the worst day of his life is actually the strangest.

You however, are free to reach out to me any time. You will find me on the Independent Bookworm, on my facebook page, or through my contact form.